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Field Installer 

SBI Contracting, Inc. is a commercial sub-contractor hiring a Field Installer. Specifically we are looking for a person who has skills in problem solving, likes to work with their hands, can read blue prints, has a construction background and mindset, and comes with an ambitious desire to lead through team-work. This person will learn to install all of our product lines and the many new items we take on each year. The amount of new construction happening in Boise, downtown and all over the beautiful state of Idaho is at a record high; it is an exciting time to join the construction work force.

We specialize in Division 10, installing (not limited to) tack boards, wall protection, toilet partitions and bathroom accessories. Family owned and operated for 17 years, our success is rooted in our drive to provide a positive and thriving experience for our employees, and thrive we have! SBI was started with the inspiration and faith to provide for families. We are a "Pro-Family" company that allows for, and anticipates, the need for appropriate flexibility in life. The boss is always willing to listen and digest feedback from our installers. We have a brand new fleet of company trucks that need you to drive them!

There is never a boring day working at SBI. Changes in site location, materials and tasks makes for fun new experiences each morning you show up for work. This is a full time position. We are looking for applicants who understand and are willing to work within our standards of safety. This includes; being able to pass a drug test and background checks to work in public school districts, and having a clean driving record. Wages are based on experience. If this appeals to you, we would like to meet!

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