Two-Color Lockers

Two-color lockers that are being built for Thunder Ridge High School in Idaho Falls, Idaho! Our guys are doing a great job assembling these and the finished product is going to look incredible!

Call us today at 208-376-5200 to get a quote to update your locker look!



Hadrian Lockers

Need lockers? Check out Hadrian Inc's line of quality lockers. They are beautiful, sturdy and will last! Schools, office buildings, hospitals, or where ever you may need a bank of lockers, Hadrian can get the job done! Call us today to get a quote! 208-376-5200

St. Ignacious' New Hufcor Operable Wall

Here's a look at St. Ignacious' brand spankin' new Hufcor Operable Wall! SBI is the Official Hufcor Dealer in the Greater Treasure Valley Area! Call us for a quote for a new wall!


Have one already? Does it need a tune up? We are Certified to do Maintenence on your operable wall as well!

Quality Matters

Broken Headrail

Don't let this happen to you! Use SBI Contracting, Inc for your partitions and toilet room accessories!

"No Sight" Toilet Partitions

SBI has the perfect solution to avoid these embarrassing encounters! Hadrian offers a "No Sight" option for their toilet partitions, which provide channels to cover the gaps between doors and pilasters for more privacy. Give us a call for a quote today! 

Murtaugh Elementary Gym looking good with new lettering!

SBI employee, Noah, along with company owner, Steve, spent some time on the forklift this week getting these letters up at Murtaugh Elementary!

Contact SBI for all your signage needs from custom cast letters and plaques to installation ready restroom signs. 

SBI <3's Idaho Wildlife

With this record breaking winter Idaho has experienced, it has taken it's toll on the animal populations that inhabit the mountain areas. All the snow on the ground has made it difficult for elk and deer to graze. In response to this issue, the Idaho Fish & Game set up feeding troughs to help sustain the population. SBI got involved by helping to haul the feed up to the feeding stations in Garden Valley. 

Idaho Proud!

What a fun opportunity to install the State Seal at WA County Courthouse this week and show off the fine work we do here at SBI Contracting! This is just one example of the types of signage we can provide (in addition to cast letters, plaques, custom logos and much more!) 

Here's a way to class up your Commercial Restroom

Custom Wood Partitions

Check out these custom, real wood, partitions! A great way to set yourself apart from the day to day metal toilet partitions. Call 208-376-5200 for more information! 


These photos are from SBI's work at the Limelight Hotel and Condos. 

We've Moved!

SBI has officially moved to our new location, 11624 West President Drive, Boise Idaho 83713, just a short distance from our old location.

Our phone number will remain the same  208-376-5200 (fax 5201).

Please continue to use our current mailing address,

372 S Eagle Rd #369

Eagle 83616



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