"Should have gone with SBI"

Do it right the first time, and make SBI your one stop shop for Toilet Partitions and other Commercial Bathroom Accessories! 

Make a great first impression with fresh, new signage!

Whether it's a for your new building or you want to update your current signage, SBI is here to help! Give us a call for a quote! 

Boise is growing of course

Boise is a great place to be doing business, even in the counties that have more fluid numbers, there is still so much growth in our great northwest state. Breaking records across the board, SBI is continuing to break our own records and need your help! Finish carpentry positions avaliable and Luke is looking at resumes today!

Fire Fire Fire!

Safety in public and corporate spaces are (should) be a company's number one priority. In today's world, with the progression of engineering and technology of  building materials, fire retardant materials have been at the front of the building industry. Friction and fire can happen anywhere though so it is best to have quick access to an extinguisher rather than not. Depending on your establishment, your fire extinguishers compound should reflect the type of work you do.

Replace Parts Not Wholes

Bathroom renovations do not need to be hard on a business ecosystem. Why not take it in stages? Upgrade your grab bars this week. Do your mirrors the following week. New doors 2 weeks after that. Finally top it off with a new coat of paint, maybe some acrovyne wall protection behind your urnals and sinks, and a couple new soaps and there you go. 

Protect Your Building

When the places we work & live need cleaning and upkeep we tend to get out the bucket, sponge, anticipate hours of scrubbing & of course we get the job done. With our Acrovyn Wall Protection products you can cut out the time cleaning, repairing walls & corners in high traffic areas. These products are durable, resist scratches/scuffs, prevent grease stains & uphold sanitary guidelines. Call our office & ask how we can help you out. 

Vendor List Updated to Website

We have recently updated our website to inclued our vendors list. SBI is supported by an amazing group of North American suppliers. Each company has an outstanding abilitey to provide the top of the line products to us & our patrons in a fast, safe & effective manner. Take a look at our list here, let us know how we can upgrade your current project. 

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