Our Brands

Operable wall in lecture hall

At SBI, we are proud to partner with Hufcor, Chutes International, and other reliable brands to provide our clients with the best products for their commercial needs.


SBI is an authorized dealer of and certified maintenance provider for Hufcor, a reliable provider of movable walls that can fit any commercial project. Through Hufcor, we are able to offer our clients wall solutions that include:

  • Operable Partitions
  • Glass Walls
  • Vertical Life Walls
  • Accordion Doors
  • FlexTact Wall Systems for Tactical Training

Chutes International

A leader in chute safety and development, Chutes International and SBI work hard to provide the best laundry and garbage chutes to our clients. Through Chutes International, SBI is able to offer chute solutions that include:

  • External Chutes
  • Internal Chutes (Trash, linen, and recycling)
  • Chute Replacement Parts
  • Compactors