Commercial Fire Extinguishers and More

Commercial Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguishers and Cabinets

Commercial fire extinguishers are not only a great idea for protecting your business; they are required by law in most settings. OSHA requires that employers provide portable fire extinguishers. They must be mounted, easy to identify, and readily accessible. A failure to meet these fire extinguisher requirements could be a tremendous liability to employers. You may be putting your employees and property at unnecessary risk. Your business would also be at greater risk of receiving costly fines for non-compliance. Unfortunately, if a fire were to threaten or injure an employee without an accessible extinguisher, you could also face costly legal claims. 

SBI can help employers meet these legal requirements by providing a wide range of commercial fire extinguishers. Many options are currently in our warehouse, including 5lb and 10lb Amerex commercial fire extinguishers. They are tagged and ready to be installed. Once an order comes in, it can be shipped within 24 hours, providing a quick solution to meet your needs.

The 5lb and 10lb Amerex options will meet the needs of most commercial applications. However, we can provide smaller 2.5lb extinguishers or larger 20lb options. SBI can also offer customers wet chemical extinguishers. No matter what your needs may be, SBI can provide the extinguisher – along with an appropriate cabinet. We have a wide variety of cabinets from Larsen’s Manufacturing Company in stock, including surface-mounted options and semi-recessed cabinets.  These options help you meet your legal obligations and enhance the safety of your business. 

Access Doors and Roof Hatches

Some commercial buildings may also require fire access doors and/or roof hatches. They are required in many office buildings, public buildings, dormitories, and exit stairwells.  These important safety elements can increase the safety of buildings with high occupancy or traffic. Ultimately, the features can serve to protect lives if the unthinkable happens by providing a quick exit.

And while these doors and hatches are made of heavy materials, they must be reliable and easy to open when required. SBI offers a wide variety of access doors and roof hatches to meet the needs of any project. We stock five standard sizes of access doors, including 8”x 8”, 12”x 12”, 18”x 18”, 22”x 22”, and 24”x 24”. Each of these doors is non-rated, standard cam, and primed white so that they can be painted to any color. Other size requirements can be met through a special order. We can also order access doors that are primed gray, allowing you to match the paint with whatever color scheme is being used for the project.   No matter what your needs may be, SBI can help you meet them. And since most sizes are on a quick ship time, they can be sent with very minimal lead times. 

Roof hatches can also be ordered in any size or type that meets your project needs. We work with Nystrom, who is able to provide safe and convenient access to commercial building roofs using interior ladders and stairs. Their access doors and roof hatches are made to be corrosion resistant with exterior durability. Their complete line of products meets building codes and fire and life safety requirements. 

Nobody ever wants a fire to occur at their business. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens. But as the employer, it is your responsibility to protect your employees and your assets. Fire prevention and mitigation equipment are a crucial part of enhancing your company. The equipment you select could make all the difference in the world when it matters most.

Don’t trust anyone to meet your fire requirements. SBI Contracting, Inc. is an experienced provider of extinguishers, access doors, roof hatches, and more. Our expert team can help you select the best possible options to meet your needs. 

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