Operable Walls

Operable wall partially opened in a convention center

Hufcor is the industry leader for movable walls and flexible space, and is the most installed brand of operable partitions in the world. SBI has factory trained estimators and installers that can help you get exactly what you need for your project.

Whether your project is large (convention center, ballroom, entertainment arena) or small (schools, storefront), Hufcor can provide what you need. Their options range from glass, operable, vertical lift, and accordion doors. They also have a wide variety of finishes available to match your project for a final, finished look. Product option details include:

  • Series 600 Hufcor Operable Partitions: Also referred to as Airwalls, or movable walls, these partitions are recognized globally. They are renowned for their quality, design flexibility, acoustic properties, and durability. Series 600 partitions can be installed to meet a range of dimensions, control and safety options, and finishes. These panels can come in single options or as a pair. They also have ADA-compliant options to meet any customer needs.
  • Summit Vertical Lift Hufcor Operable Partitions: The Summit series of panels offer all of the benefits found with Series 600 partitions. But they also offer flexibility since they can move vertically. They raise and lower from a narrow slot in the ceiling, offering a great design option for modern buildings. 
  • Operable Glasswalls: Operable glasswalls are ideal for many business and educational settings. They can combine functionality with a modern aesthetic. There are several options.
    • Low-Profile Framed Acoustical Glasswall: This option provides the best possible acoustic performance. The ½ inch premium glass also maintains a clear view through the wall.
    • Sliding Acoustical Glasswall: This product offers the benefits of the low-profile framed option, but with sliding options to meet unique design configurations.
    • Ultra Acoustic Glasswall: The GF Designer Series has a low-profile frame. It provides a clear view, which maximizes daylighting. The designer visual aesthetics provide the ultimate in space management flexibility.
    • Frameless: The single-glazed, high-performance glass delivers natural daylight with a clear view. Frameless panels feature a clear anodized finish. Customers can upgrade to a stainless steel finish for a sophisticated look. Clients can also consider the inline pass-door option.
    • Timberframe: Timberframe options combine the glasswall panels with a timber finish to deliver daylighting benefits with the natural beauty of wood. 
  • Accordion Hufcor Operable Partitions: Accordion doors are one of the easiest ways to maximize space. You can configure your space depending on changing needs. Hufcor accordion operable partitions come in a wide range of fabrics with acoustical ratings. These configurable doors are an ideal sight and sound barrier in spaces that require flexibility.
  • FlexTact: FlexTact operational partitions deliver situational and urban tactical training facilities. They are efficient, easy to configure, and flexible. These panels offer the most flexible solution to create highly effective learning opportunities for individuals in various fields.
  • Unispan: Unispan offers a freestanding support system for the weight of partitions. This option can save time and materials during building. With flexible design options, these sections are easy to install. 
  • Hufcor Protective Operable Partitions: Protective partitions are a great way to meet social distancing protocols. These partitions are portable and easy to clean. They are also durable and eco-friendly. Requiring only a simple setup, these partitions are fabricated with high-quality materials. They are designed to create an instant barrier without disrupting the design aesthetics of the space. 

Hufcor operable partitions offer the best in partition technology. There are many design and material options. This flexibility ensures that our clients will be pleased with the functionality and sophisticated look that these partitions create. 

Our Preventative Maintenance Program ensures that your airwalls live up to their potential for years of use.  SBI Contracting has factory trained technicians with the know-how to keep your airwalls in top 'operable' condition.  Whatever brand of airwall you have, we have the resources and experience to ensure your airwalls are always running smoothly.  Regular inspections with our Preventative Maintenance Program help detect and identify potential problems and make timely repairs, before they become a costly replacement.

We are able to service any issue you may have with a Hufcor wall (even if we didn't originally install it), and we are able to service all other brands for maintenance and parts. These walls should last, and the manufacturer's warranty covers many issues, but they do require maintenance and upkeep. Please contact us for maintenance programs we have available.

Hufcor's Partnership with SBI

We are the only authorized dealer of Hufcor walls in the state. Our factory trained estimators and installers take pride in being able to provide our customers with their knowledge and expertise. We will gladly help customers who may feel overwhelmed with a product they aren't familiar with. We are able to walk through the design phase with them, helping them to get just the right wall for their project. We understand that it is an investment in their building and needs to work for them for years to come.