SBI Showroom including soap dispensers, handrails, and more

Our showroom provides clients with a physical display of our materials, replacement parts, and products that we have readily available in our warehouse.

What You’ll Find in Our Showroom

  • A metal stall display
  • A solid plastic stall display
  • A wall that showcases our stock restroom accessories
  • Locker samples
  • Corner guard samples
  • Fire equipment
  • Marker and tack boards
  • Hardware for toilet partitions

We’ll also provide examples of colors you can choose from for any products that have color variations.

How This Helps You

If you are in the design phase of your project, viewing our showroom can help you choose the materials to use for your project. You can view them right in front of you and take your pick from what we have in stock if you’re in a hurry to get materials or products. Everything that is on display is available in our warehouse.

If you are in the repair phase, viewing our showroom will help you identify replacement parts or products you need. You can easily point to the product or replacement parts you need and then we can grab it for you from our warehouse. Our showroom can also help you identify how a stall is supposed to be properly installed.