Toilet Partitions & Hardware

Toilet Partitions in a restroom


Toilet Partitions

As a business owner, it’s important to prioritize the privacy of your customers. Protecting privacy in the restroom is crucial to supporting civil liberties and ensuring customers feel comfortable in your establishment.

Your goal may be to eliminate gaps between toilet partition doors and styles. You could also increase the aesthetic appeal of your restroom. New toilet partitions may help you implement a more sustainable design throughout your building. No matter what your goals are, SBI Contracting, Inc. can help. Our experts will ensure that you select the best possible toilet partitions and  hardware for your needs.

At SBI, we carry the following toilet partitions:

  • Toilet Partition Pilasters
  • Doors
  • Toilet Partition Headrails
  • Toilet Partition Panels
  • Toilet Partition Shoes
  • and Urinal Screens

Whether you are completing a new building or renovating an existing business, we can help you select the right materials. Toilet partitions and hardware account for much of the overall design of your restroom. We work with many vendors and manufacturers to provide a wide range of options and materials. This selection ensures that our customers won’t be disappointed. No matter what type of design or look you want to achieve, we can help. 

SBI stocks three colors of powder-coated metal Hadrian partitions, including:

  • Almond
  • Light Grey
  • Sahara

These selections can ship in 24 hours from our warehouse in Boise, Idaho. This is convenient if you are needing to replace an entire ADA compliant bathroom or just need replacement parts. SBI can also supply many different brands and materials, including:

  • Hadrian Inc  – Hadrian Inc  provides a range of toilet partitions to meet any project scope or budget. Their options include powder-coated, stainless steel, and solid plastic toilet partitions. They have a range of options to pick from for privacy options to pick from on their Elite, Elite Plus, and Elite Max lines that offer 64”, 72”, and 92” tall panels and doors. 
  • Bobrick Toilet Partitions  – Toilet partition options from Bobrick include a wide range of features, including:.
    • Different material options: SCRC, Compact Laminate, and Phenolic
    • Interlocking designs to eliminate undesirable sightlines and maximize privacy.
    • Maximum height design and hardware to meet the needs of any standard or custom project.
    • Flexible mounting options that can be floor-to-ceiling, overhead-braced, floor-anchored, or ceiling-hung.
  • Scranton Products – Scranton bathroom stalls are manufactured with HDPE solid plastic. These stalls are available in floor-to-ceiling, overhead-braced, or ceiling-hung configurations. 
  • Global Stainless Steel - Global Stainless Steel toilet partitions offer a durable way to achieve a modern look. Additional options with textured finishes can help you achieve any design goal you want. They are available in floor-to-ceiling, overhead-braced, floor-anchored, or ceiling-hung configurations. 
  • and much more – If you can’t find an option that you like, our experts will work with additional vendors to find exactly what you want. 

Toilet Partition Hardware

Finding the right toilet partition hardware for your commercial restroom doesn’t need to be frustrating. We can help! If you are having trouble finding what you need, email us a picture. Our most common brands are Hadrian and Accurate, but we can get anything you need from Global to Scranton to Bobrick and much more.

Toilet partition hardware we carry includes:

  • ADA Compliant Door Knobs – No business wants to face non-compliance with ADA regulations. All of our options can help you meet this requirement with stylish and durable ADA-compliant door knobs. 
  • Pilaster Kits – Pilaster kits available in a variety of size ranges can complete the look of your toilet partitions. These kits are made from durable material to match any height or configuration selected. 
  • Coat Hooks and Bumpers – Coat Hooks and bumpers can help customers easily use your restroom without worrying about their personal effects. Stylish options can ensure your customers feel comfort and convenience when visiting your business.
  • Door Pulls – Durable and easy-to-clean door pulls are available to ensure that your restroom is functional and sanitary.
  • Door Hinges – Door hinges are required when mounting toilet partitions. Our high-quality options can ensure your restroom remains functional and easy for customers to access. 
  • and much more! – No matter what you are seeking to complete the look in your commercial restroom, we can help. 

The experts at SBI Contracting, Inc. understand how daunting it can be to select the right materials for your commercial restroom. We work with all clients to get a feel for their needs and select only top-quality materials. This personalized service ensures our clients are completely satisfied with their toilet partitions and hardware. To find out more about the toilet partitions and accessories available, contact SBI Contracting, Inc. today.